dividually, we have an undeniably weak voice everywhere, at Family Court, at CAFCASS, with Social Services, even with the legal profession. Yes, we can certainly speak with knowledge, passion and total commitment to our children … but who is listening ? Who really CARES ?

The answer is … nobody ! The fact is, lots of little voices just don’t count ! FATHERS NEED TO BE HEARD !

So we are organising ONE BIG VOICE instead !

We propose the “FATHER’S UNION” which will collectively represent ALL Dads (not only Dads, but Mums, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and all family involved) and be a legal entity which will be recognised at Family Court and hopefully, everywhere else. Furthermore, for the first time ever, we will collate results from Family Courts everywhere and start SHAMING the system and proving it is failing children and Fathers alike.

UNION OF DADS ? OK, this sounds weird, but how about we look into setting up a UNION for Dads ? That would be a LEGAL entity, charged with representing and supporting Dads AT COURT, before and after as well. As a legal entity, courts could not refuse to allow Union Reps to attend court and any Dad who is a member would state that fact at the outset, to let the court know that fighting prejudice is GOING TO HAPPEN and that discrimination against Dads would be closely monitored by the UNION and RESULTANT COURT DECISIONS would be collated and shared throughout the UK … for the first time ever. Having a recognised PUBLIC VOICE would be so much stronger than just having a ‘Dads Group’ behind us. Yes, I know it may sound a bit weird, but think about it. Then think about it again please. A legitimate FATHER’S UNION could carry some weight and open some doors …. and maybe even scare courts into changing discriminating behaviour and giving excluded parents a FAIR hearing for a change. McKenzie Friends can’t even speak at court and lawyers/barristers are seldom very interested in real kids and real dads. (I know there may be exceptions.) Think about it people and please comment … Don’t just dismiss this as a stupid idea.

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