The corrupt family courts are voluntary courts and by law you are not obligated to attend them, they are NOT criminal courts

by Nov 24, 2019Stories0 comments

There is something that most parents don’t know about the family courts and about Cafcass. “The family courts” are NOT compulsory courts, they are not like criminal courts that obligate one to attend, the family courts are voluntary courts, so in other words there is no law that dictates that you are forced to attend at them or even use them to settle your issues with your former partner or with your family. I am saying that I can never understand why a parent feels that they are forced to allow these courts into their lives, they have no weight of law to dictate to you that you should take part in their charade of family justice, so DON’T GO THERE! Like you I always thought that British family courts would give me some justice, I had a degree of faith in them, but after 4 years of fighting to see my son, I realised that they were as corrupt as hell and it was just a money making racket that we parents financed. My advice to any father is this.. if you receive some sort of legal letter from the family courts telling you that your ex partner has applied to its courts for a hearing and that you should attend, then for God’s sake don’t go and ignore it, you know why? Because the moment you agree to go you are in effect authorising them to have some sort of power over your life and over your children. Always remember that you are not obligated to allow them into your life, there is no law that states that you have to attend, nor is there any law that says that you should employ a solicitor to represent you, just don’t go! Family courts are NOT criminal courts, they have no jurisdiction over your life, not until you attend that is, but once you do attend you have just about shot yourself in the head. Work out the problem with your ex on your own, do not go alone to her, always take someone as a witness. If she calls the police, as many mothers do, then be peaceful and calm. Do all in your power to see your children, go to the school with a placard which states how much you love them, have their name written on it, if the police are called you have broken no law. Do all in your power to stay away from the biased courts, do not take part! Your kids are your flesh and blood, they do not belong to the courts, it is your duty to get to see them any way you can, DO NOT ATTEND ANY FAMILY COURTS TO DO THAT.

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