The UK Family Law industry is running riot in abusing Fathers and their children for profit. A father does not have an automatic right to see his own children, he has to enter the secret family law system which is secret for a reason, they are a corrupt and profiteering enterprise built on the pretence of equality. It’s time these courts were made accountable for their human rights abuses. Cafcass are an extremist corrupt anti male organisation run by the government who offer up fathers like lambs to the slaughter. We demand equality, not persecution.

Nothing will change unless we force it to happen. There are the numbers out there to do this but too many people (men) are apathetic. The way things are heading at present, likes of Women’s Aid who are dictating Government agenda and steering the Family Court into a place that makes it far more difficult for fathers to enjoy access to their children. There are two petitions running at the moment that could show Government that there is a substantial body of people who are desperate for reform of the Family Court. (if only you could be bothered to spend ONE MINUTE of your time signing them. It is FREE!!!!) Please DO IT!!!! If you can’t be bothered then stop moaning about the situation.

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