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Rules and guidelines for the group and forum.  


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Moderators and members are NOT qualified individuals in these fields and can't be held responsible for any advice given on the forum. Advice is based on the experiences of members and their knowledge of current laws and processes. Whilst we encourage members to avoid Family Court where possible, we understand this may prove impossible. We suggest representing yourself if possible, but we  accept some members will prefer using solicitors, barristers and McKenzie friends.


As a member, you are expected to adhere to the following basic rules of the forum :

Please do not use real names, for yourself or your children, or anyone else involved, to protect your privacy.

Please do not use photos of any parties involved in disputes, that includes children.  Again, to protect your privacy.

Please keep all discussions COURTEOUS and avoid bad language and personal attacks on anyone.

Please RESPECT the privacy of all members and any facts mentioned on the forum. 

No spamming is allowed on the forum or social media.

Please do not attempt to PROMOTE yourself or any legal representatives or services without first referring to the moderators. (We are developing a page for accredited and known representatives in various related fields for your reference.)

Please do not copy or use any comments or advice given on the forum, in any other medium.

Please be HONEST and give FULL details of your case, if you are asking for help.

Please do not post any copyright infringing material on the forum.

Your details will NEVER be passed to any external organisation.

When membership fees are introduced, these will be non refundable.

Moderators reserve the right to refuse membership, or delete members suspected of breaking any forum rules.


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