You wouldn’t believe it if you were told. In fact when you try to tell people what is happening to loving, caring parents by UK social services, they say, ‘they are there to protect and help children and families’. They simply won’t and don’t want to believe it. If you are one of the non believers then you must watch this film. The UK social services want to keep this film out of the UK, why? I am not going to spoil the plot here, the reason they want to keep it out of the UK is because what is happening to UK families is nothing more than criminal. The film exposes all of the inner workings of children’s social care, the family courts and the solicitors, barristers and QC’s that are paid billions every year in tax payers money. This is a film like nothing else you will watch and until you do, you will never truly know and understand how far the social workers and courts will go to remove healthy children from loving parents.

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