Put Kids First

Fighting for change, equality and shared parenting in the Family Courts.

Why do we still punish children in UK ?

How many times have you heard about a parent denying the other parent access because of personal issues and problems between the parents, rather than due to a genuine safeguarding issue (rape, child abuse, etc.)?


Far too often, children are being used as weapons following relationship breakdowns.

A child’s access to their parents on a 50/50 basis is, in many circumstances, the best solution. Our current legislation doesn’t support equal rights to access, resulting in some mothers denying shared access in order to protect their receipt of child maintenance payments.

In some cases, yes, a father or mother may be an unfit parent due to a history of prison, violence, rape or other abuse, but in many cases the non-resident parent simply want to share the parental responsibility in an EQUAL fashion.

My heart is torn, my salary is shared with someone I’m not with, and my child doesn’t have a 50/50 split between parents due to mother denial of my request for shared residence.

What can we do about this ? What can we do to stop inequities and ‘Bias’ in Family Courts ? How can we give CHILDREN some rights to have access to both parents?

That is exactly why we formed “PutKidsFirst” ! We want to do just that … and get our kids back !

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